About Us

The Australian Forest Contractors Association Ltd (AFCA) was established in 2002 to look after the interests of the harvesting and haulage Contractors within the timber industry across Australia. At the time it was felt that there was a need to establish a national body which would facilitate their long term viability and welfare, and this has continued to be the primary objective of the organization throughout its lifetime. The Association registered as a Company Limited by Guarantee in the November of 2002.

Membership is made up of both Associations of Contractors within the various States and also individual Contractors from across Australia.

AFCA is governed by a Board of Directors elected by the members at an Annual General Meeting each year. The Directors Charter is to focus on Corporate Governance, Association Policies and Direction, and Finance, and to oversee the general day to day management of the organisation.   

The Association employs a Manager whose primary role is to manage the day to day affairs of the organisation, to increase the levels of Membership by Contractors, to maintain, and continue to increase, the range of products and services  that it provides for members, to further develop and maintain partnerships with other key stakeholders within the timber industry, to represent the Association at a range of forums, meetings and conferences and to advocate on behalf of the Contractor members as and where appropriate. It also employs administrative staff to manage a range of tasks, and a part time Field Officer in Western Australia whose role is to liaise with members in that area and a full time Field Officer in Tasmania too.

Already in its short history, the Association has achieved a number of significant milestones. These include obtaining maintaining positions on a number of Federal Government Committees and Councils and other bodies set up to manage the industry. It also has regular constructive input into the future policy and direction of many of the country’s major timber industry activities and initiatives.

The Association also has a number of initiatives which provide a range of products and services for its existing members and the potential new members who may come from other industry sites across the States and Territories.

AFCA also wishes to acknowledge Harvesting and Haulage Contractors who have given outstanding service to the industry. Therefore the “Contractors Hall of Fame” has been created. This exciting initiative is designed to recognise and appreciate the contribution made to the timber industry by Contractors.