Next AFCA Hall of Fame Induction Function

Grand Chancellor Hotel
Launceston, Tasmania
Thursday 31st May


AFCA Contractors Hall of Fame Induction Function

On Wednesday 28th March 2012 in conjunction with AUSTimber 2012 we welcomed the following people into our Hall of Fame

  • Angelo Landa
  • Robert Christian
  • Tim Christian
  • Robert Driver
  • John Driver
  • Ernest William “Bill” Driver
  • R C (Bob) Long
  • Cyril & Reg Smith
  • Tony Moretti
  • Laurence & Christine Hoffman
  • Colin Moreland
  • Trevor Waugh
  • Gino and Silvio Zannoni
  • Fred Birrell
  • Lex McLean
  • Kevin Boult
  • Jack Wilson 
  • Wally Cunneen


Details and photos can be found on the Members page