Our Members

Since the induction of thirtyfour inaugural members, and the awarding of 'Industry Icon' status to eight industry pioneers in 2010, AFCA has been continually recognising harvesting and haulage contractors across Australia who have made outstanding contributions to the timber industry in this country by adding them to our Hall of Fame.

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^ Posthumus Award

Industry icons

Lloyd Cocks Eden NSW
Mayne Coverley^ Bunbury WA
Ivan Crawford^ Morwell VIC
Wally Cunneen Myrtleford VIC
Lawrence V Dohnt^ Mount Gambier SA
Alan Greenhill South Grafton NSW
Geoff Groves^ Tumut NSW
EJ (Mick) McCulloch^ Triabunna TAS
Brian Muskett^ New Norfolk TAS
Andrew Padgett AM Launceston TAS
John Witherow^ Mount Gambier SA


Barry Arnold Lilydale TAS
Scott Arnold Lilydale TAS
Barry Asher Caboolture QLD
Kevin Aylett^ New Norfolk TAS
Athol Barker Swansea TAS
Barry Barker Swansea TAS
Ray Barr Orbost VIC
Tony Battel Orbost VIC
Anthony Beams Flowery Gully TAS
Donald Beams Flowery Gully TAS
Edward Beams Flowery Gully TAS
Tony Bennett Ranelagh TAS
Allan Beveridge^ Buchan South VIC
Malcolm Beveridge Bairnsdale VIC
Allan Bills^ Bairnsdale VIC
Fred Birrell Port MacDonnell SA
Rodney Bishop Irishtown TAS
Joe Blair New Norfolk TAS
Len Blyth^ Kings Meadows TAS
Kevin Boult Mount Gambier SA
Bill Box Orbost VIC
Gary Brookes Dardanup WA
Geoff Brookes Dardanup WA
Frank Brunt Orbost VIC
Don Burmas Maddington WA
Rodney Bye Launceston TAS
Graham Carstein Heyfield VIC
Oliver Chatwin Burnie TAS
Robert Christian Warragul VIC
Tim Christian Warragul VIC
Cedric Cocks Eden NSW
Lloyd Cocks Eden NSW
Leo Cotton^ Mawbanna TAS
Carl Cox Sheffield TAS
Graeme Cox Legana TAS
Mayne Coverley^ Bunbury WA
Ivan Crawford^ Morwell VIC
Jim Crozier Tumbarumba NSW
Wally Cunneen Myrtleford VIC
Bernie Dawson Donnybrook WA
Daryl Dawson Donnybrook WA
Pat Dawson Donnybrook WA
Cyril Dohnt Victor Harbor SA
Ivan Dohnt Victor Harbor SA
Kevin Dohnt Victor Harbor SA
Lawrence Dohnt^ Mount Gambier SA
Max Dohnt^ Mount Gambier SA
Morris Dohnt^ Nangwarry SA
Ernest William “Bill” Driver^ Victor Harbor SA
John Driver Victor Harbor SA
Robert Driver Kapunda SA
Stephen Flewin Smithton TAS
Arthur Gandy Manjimup WA
Kim Gandy Manjimup WA
Neil Gandy Manjimup WA
Cyril Giovanetti Picton WA
Michael Giovanetti Picton WA
Steven Giovanetti Picton WA
Arol Geeves Geeveston TAS
Anthony Green Mole Creek TAS
Fred Green^ Myrtleford VIC
Geoff Green Myrtleford VIC
Ronald Gillie Smithton TAS
Alan Greensill South Grafton NSW
Ed (Murray) Grose Exceter TAS
Geoff Groves^ Tumut NSW
Ken Hall Scottsdale TAS
Chris Hall Scottsdale TAS
Max Helm Lonnervale TAS
Ron Heywood Heyfield VIC
Lindsay Hibberson Orbost VIC
Christine Hoffman Wauchope NSW
Lawrence Hoffman Wauchope NSW
Bill Hollingsworth Bairnsdale VIC
Ricky Howell Bridport TAS
Trevor Howell^ Orford TAS
Max Iles Penna TAS
Reginald John (Jack) Jaffray^ Burnie TAS


Dennis James Triabunna TAS
Michael Johnston Gippsland VIC
Max Jones Scottsdale TAS
Maurice Jordan Bracknell TAS
Barry Kingston Bream Creek TAS
Angelo Landa Mount Gambier SA
Garry Leeson Rosedale VIC
Trevor Leis Smithton TAS
R C (Bob) Long Mount Gambier SA
Pip Lynch Burnie TAS
John McConachy Rawson VIC
EJ (Mick) McCulloch^ Launceston TAS
Les McDonnell Mount Gambier SA
Lex McLean Tumut NSW
Ken Mahnken Raroola TAS
Colin Moreland Mount Gambier SA
Dale Mitchell Caboor VIC
Tony Moretti Mount Gambier SA
Kevin Morgan Launceston TAS
Brian Muskett^ New Norfolk TAS
Glen Northrop Burnie TAS
David Nuttall Bombala NSW
Ronald O'Connor Bridgewater TAS
Joe Offerman QLD
Herman Offerman QLD
Vere Ollington Smithton TAS
Andy Padgett A.M Launceston TAS
Ken Padgett Launceston TAS
Ray Palma Whiteford TAS
Leo Perotti East Devonport TAS
Stefano Perotti East Devonport TAS
Glen Radford Montumana TAS
Mervyn Rawlings^ Stowport TAS
Paul Rosin Tumut VIC
Nigel Saunders Dilston TAS
Ron Schrader^ Bairnsdale VIC
Don Simons^ King Meadows TAS
Raymond Simons^ King Meadows TAS
Robin Simons King Meadows TAS
Greg Smeathers Manjimup WA
Cyril Smith Williamstown SA
Dennis Smith Bonvill NSW
Owen Smith Kings Meadows TAS
Ray Smith Collinsvale TAS
Reg Smith^ Williamstown SA
Shirley Smith Bonvill NSW
Harold Stacey Dover TAS
Brian Stone^ Smithton TAS
Ninnion Stratten Flowery Gully TAS
Betty Tasker Flowery Gully TAS
Geoff Taylor Imbil QLD
Darrell Triffett Hamilton TAS
Leon Triffet Ouse TAS
David Wagner Fingal TAS
Les Walkden Kingsmeadows TAS
Brian Walters Glengarry TAS
Ian Walters Exeter TAS
Bradley Watson^ Glen Huon TAS
Trevor Waugh Manjimup WA
John Whatley Little Swanport TAS
George Whatley^ Little Swanport TAS
Victor Wheller Burnie TAS
Charlie Wiggins^ Franklin TAS
Ian Wiggins Woodsvale TAS
Alwin Williams Manjimup WA
Kevin Williams Perth TAS
Peter Williams Perth TAS
Robert Williamson Smithton TAS
Brian Wilson Bridgetown WA
Jack Wilson Mount Gambier SA
Harold Winkel Traralgon VIC
John Witherow Mount Gambier SA
Warren Wrann NSW
Yule Woolley Glen Huon TAS
Gino Zannoni^ Mount Gambier SA
Silvio Zannoni Mount Gambier SA
VInce Zuvela Maddington WA