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Ed (Murray) Grose

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Murray first set in place the bones of the Tasmanian Logging Association in 1976 when it was obvious that the Tasmanian Timber and Log Hauliers Association was becoming stagnant and needed a new name and direction.

As a logger he introduced a forwarder (a Franklin 132) and a knuckle boom log loader (a Jonsereds) into hardwood logging in the early seventies. The Franklin Forwarder is still being used by Carl Cox at Sheffield.

The Jonsereds log loader was replaced by a Barko 160 that had to be ordered though I.S.A.S, a machinery firm in Launceston. Brian Musket ordered one at the same time to enable them to order from Canada. These loading machines reduced the fuel consumed from 87 tonnes per drum (200 Lts) of diesel (Traxcavator use) to 1160 tonnes per drum and no soil disturbance whatsoever.

Murray started in the bush as an apprenticed faller for the I X L Timber Company in 1958 and learned how to fall trees with the axe and crosscut saw off shoes and boards.

Started pulling logs for the same Company with a T D 14a International bulldozer with an underwind winch. Then bought a H D 7 Allis Chalmers bulldozer to work on the family farm, then added a HD10 Allis Chalmers with a cable blade and back mounted P C U.

In 1960 he started working for Frank Bardenhagen at Lilydale pulling logs in Scottsdale area with a Caterpillar D6 and later started logging his Lilydale sawmill with our first machine a Timberjack 225 log skidder in 1969. The first trial shipment of chip logs (16 Tonnes) was pulled by this machine for trials in Japan.

A logging contractor for North Forest Products till retirement in June 2000


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